Emerging Technology Integrator
TTM uses market knowledge and connections to leaders in emerging technology markets to develop comprehensive action plans for business integration.
Who we are
TTM talents

TTM Talents provides a multi-layered artificial intelligence solution that uses a set of constantly developing guidelines to provide top quality human capital to businesses. Our talent solutions enable TTM to provide industry leading human capital analysis based on the desired properties set by our clients. TTM allows clients to get the most out of their recruitment process, establishing trust and reliability in candidates joining their workflow.

TTM Revitalizer / Accelerator

We evaluate projects with late stage MVP or ready-made product using our unique scoring model. After we receive a project which scored well within our algorithm, we arrange a deeper due diligence process. Thus we know enough about the project to proceed further with acceleration.

Within the period of 3 to 6 months we consult project team on business model and structure, curing possible mistakes being committed and nurture the project with valuable advice. Notable local and worldwide experts are involved in the process. Project evolves under scrutiny. At the end, we reach a project with a healthy product with clear plans and minimized risks of investing to other parties.


To The Moon intertwines a network of professionals with distinct levels of business intelligence to create a consultation service that is unparalleled within the blockchain space.

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